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Who are we ?

Bellerive Jewelry was founded by two lovers of antique jewelry and jewelry, Coralie and Jean.


"Ever since I was little, I've loved looking at the displays in jewelry stores when I walk around, I think it comes from my mother who always showed me beautiful jewelry! I truly have a fascination for the craftsmanship of the past, precious materials, as well as the influences from different eras that are reflected in each piece, allowing them to tell their own story. Creating this site with Jean has been an adventure that I immediately enjoyed, because I love to share and because finding beautiful rings is a real passion! I feel like I'm hunting for treasures!"


"As a merchant of antique and vintage jewelry across several generations, I have been immersed in this world since I was very young and have acquired solid expertise in the identification, appraisal, and sale of jewelry and precious stones. I love this profession and am always on the lookout for interesting, rare, and authentic pieces. Together with my wife, we have created a website for antique and vintage rings to share our passion and our finds! Rings are synonymous with love and sharing; it is a great pride for me when our clients send us photos with their new acquisition, sharing their joy with us!"

Jewelry Expert

Prioritize the circular economy

Bellerive Jewelry was created from a passion and a concern for environmental responsibility, contributing to the circular economy by reintroducing already existing goods back into circulation. We believe that luxury and responsibility can coexist harmoniously. By creating a site dedicated exclusively to second-hand rings, we help reduce the consumption of natural resources and limit the waste generated by the jewelry industry. Each piece you choose helps to preserve our environment while maintaining the charm and elegance of the past, and every little action counts. By choosing to rehabilitate vintage rings, we help decrease the demand for new resources and reduce waste. This is our way of celebrating sustainable fashion without sacrificing style or quality.

Commitment to authenticity

We are committed to providing complete transparency about the origin and composition of our jewelry. Each ring is carefully selected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and authenticity. By choosing one of our pieces, you are guaranteed to acquire a ring that has a story and reflects our values: passion, transparency, and commitment to more sustainable practices.

Thank you for joining us in this commitment to a more responsible future.

Together, let's celebrate the past and preserve the future!

Antique & Vintage Rings

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